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Limo Daniel Limousine Services is in operation in Quebec since 1971. Limo Daniel in Laval , owns a fleet witch holds vehicles such as Glamour Disco Limousines, Antique Cars for weddings in Laval. Limousines Daniel offers services with Limousines et Antique Cars for weddings in Laval Churches, Temples or Synagogues and for civil weddings at Laval Court House. Limousine Daniel offers on request Special pakages on Limousines or Antique and Classic Cars such as Excalibur and Rolls Royce in Laval and other Cities in Quebec.

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Laval History

In 2001, the population of Laval was an estimated 343,005, a 3.8 percent increase from the earlier census in 1996. Women constitute 51.44% of the total population. Children under 14 years of age total 18.6%, while those of retirement age (65 years of age and older) number 13.2% resulting in a median age of 38.7 years. In Laval, 15.48% of the population was born outside of Canada, substantially lower than the national average, many immigrants hailing from the French Caribbean, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. Those of indigenous origin constitute 0.22%, while those who are visible minorities (non-white/European) number 8.68%, and are chiefly Black Canadian, Arab, and Hispanic. Comparing to neighbouring Montreal , the linguistics of Laval is more homogenous as 73.42% speak French , 6.05% speak English , 0.84% are bilingual in French and English, and 19.69% speak languages other than Canada's official languages (English and French) such as Greek, Italian, Armenian, Arabic and Portuguese. As with many parts of Quebec , the city is highly Christian (90.71%), particularly Roman Catholic (81.09%), while Protestant and Orthodox groups, consitute the remainder of the population. Religions such as Islam , Judaism , Buddhism , and others number less than 5% combined.

Laval was first settled by Jesuits in 1636 when they were granted a seignory there. Agriculture first appeared in Laval in 1670 . In 1675 , François de Montmorency- The Laval Islands are an island grouping in the River des Prairies in southwestern Quebec. Located southeast of Ile Bizard between the Island of Montreal and IleJésus, they include IÎle Bigras,Ile Pariseau, Ile Verte and IleRonde. Formerly an independent municipality ( The Laval Islands ), became part of the city of Laval on August 6 , 1965 . Laval is a city , a regional county municipality and a region in southwestern Quebec , Canada in the Greater Montreal Area . It is located on Île Jésus, across the River des Prairies from Montreal . It also includes the Laval Islands in the River des Prairies. In 2004, the city had a population of 364,756. Laval constitutes one of the 17 administrative regions of Quebec; its number is 13. The island is still rural in nature, with most of the urban area in the central region and along the south and west coasts. Laval is bounded on the south and east by Montreal, on the north by MRC des Moulins and on the west by MRC de Thérèse-De Blainville and MRC de Deux-Montagnes. Laval is the 6th largest suburb in North America after Mississauga, Ontario; Long Beach, California; Mesa, Arizona; Virginia Beach, Virginia and Surrey, British Columbia. Laval gained control of the seignior. In 1702 a parish was founded, and dedicated to Saint-François de Sales . The first municipalities on the island were created in 1845 , after nearly 200 years of a rural nature. The only built-up area on the island, Sainte-Rose was incorporated as a village in 1850 , and remained as the main community for the remainder of the century. With the dawn of the 20th century came urbanization . Laval-des-Rapides became Laval's first city in 1912 and was followed by L'Abord-à-Plouffe being granted village status three years later. Laval-sur-le-Lac was founded in the same year based on its tourist-based economy from Montrealers. Laval began to grow throughout the following years, due to its proximity to Montreal that made it an ideal suburb. To deal with problems caused by urbanization, amalgamations occurred; L'Abord-à-Plouffe amalgamated with Renaud and Saint-Martin creating the city of Chomedey in 1961 . The amalgamation turned out to be successful for the municipalities involved, and the Quebec government decided to amalgamate the whole island into a single city of Laval in 1965 . Laval was named after the first owner of Île Jésus, François de Montmorency-Laval, the first Roman Catholic Bishop of Quebec. At the time, Laval had a population of 170,000. Laval became a Regional County Municipality in 1980 . Prior to that, it was the County of Laval. The 14 municipalities, which existed prior to the incorporation of the amalgamated City of Laval on August 6 , 1965 , were: Auteuil Chomedey Duvernay Fabreville Iles de Laval Laval-des-Rapides Laval-West, Laval-sur-le-Lac Pont-Viau Sainte-Dorothee Sainte-Rose Saint-Francois Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Vimont

Laval's main attractions are:

  • The Cosmodôme
  • Mille-Îles River Park
  • Mondial Choral Loto-Québec
  • The Carrefour Laval shopping centre
  • Commercial directory INFO Laval Website
  • The Recreatheque
  • Armand-Frappier museum
  • Rivière-des-Prairies' hydroelectric plant
  • Old Sainte-Dorothée
  • Old Saint-Vincent-de-Paul
  • Sainte-Rose-de-Lima church
  • Saint-François-de-Sales church
  • Laval Symphony Orchestra
  • Salle André-Mathieu show hall
  • La Maison des Jardins' show hall
  • Centre de la Nature
  • Auteuilloise farm
  • The Cardinal Golf club
  • Saint-François Golf club
  • Sainte-Rose Golf club
  • The Boisé Papineau's park
  • Cineplex Entertainment LP' Colossus movie theatre
  • Centre Laval
  • Sainte-Rose en Blanc

Sport teams






Ice Hockey

Midget AAA

Colisée de Laval

Les Comètes

Women's soccer


Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard

Les Associés

Baseb all

Ligue de Baseball Élite du Québec

Montmorency Park

Laval was also host-city of the "Jeux du Québec" held in summer 1991.


As of 2007, Gilles Vaillancourt is the mayor of the city of Laval. He has been in office since 1989.

Past mayors have been: Jean-Noël Lavoie (founding mayor), 1965 - Jacques Tétreault , 1965 - 1973 - Dr. Lucien Paymant, 1973 - 1981 Claude Lefebvre , 1981 - 1989

Famous natives and residents

  • Maurice Richard , ice hockey player
  • Josée Chouinard , figure skater
  • Michael Bossy , ice hockey player
  • Mario Lemieux , ice hockey player
  • Alexandre Daigle , ice hockey player
  • Pascal Dupuis , ice hockey player
  • Hana Gartner , CBC broadcast journalist and host
  • Yves P. Pelletier , actor, director, writer, comedian
  • Adolfo Bresciano , Wrestler
  • Martin St. Louis , ice hockey player
  • Jose Theodore , ice hockey player
  • Alexandre Despatie , Olympic diver
  • Donald Audette , ice hockey player
  • Annie Bellemare , figure skater
  • Carrie Lightbound , kayaker
  • Gédéon Ouimet , politician
  • Sebastien Lefebvre , guitarist
  • Yannick Lupien , swimmer
Hotels and Motels in Laval
Impéria Hôtel Et Suites Inc 450-472-3336
Radisson Hotel Laval 450-682-9000
Super 8 Hotel Laval 1-888-561-7666
Hotel Le Rivage 450-437-2171
Hotel Ramada 450-430-8950
Hotel Le St-Martin 450-902-3000
Chomedey Inn 450-978-1171 Best Western Châteauneuf Lava 450-681-9000 Le Fabreville Motel et Suites - 450-627-4781
Motel Idéal - 450-625-0773 Quality Suites - 450-686-6777 Comfort Inn - 450-686-0600
Sheraton Laval - 450-687-2440
Four Points Sheraton Montréal Aéroport - 514-344-1999
Au Doc Motel - 450-585-4211

Dinning in Montreal Quebec Canada

Montreal has an international reputation for excellent dining in Montreal restaurants. You can find any restaurant you want and it's a great place to try a new restaurant! Montreal offers a restaurant for every budget and a restaurant every taste. Whether you favor Greek restaurants, Italian restaurants, Turkish restaurants, Iranian restaurants, French restaurants, Spanish restaurants, Mexican restaurants, Swiss restaurants, or German restaurants, to name a few restaurants, you will find it. In addition, you can eat well at any price, from the local diner restaurant specializing in smoked meat ( Schwartz ) to the upscale, fine eateries where feeling at home is always on the menu. Here are a few suggestions on everything from selecting your restaurant, ordering the wine, and deciding on the tip. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Beyond sampling and approving wine, asking for a description of a dish your uncertain of, asking for wine recommendations, knowing to work from the outside in with cutlery or tipping 15-20 percent there are little nuances to dining out in Montreal restaurants that can make an important occasion or meeting go more smoothly and enjoyably.

Always make reservations when going out to dine in Montreal restaurants, to name the number in your party and make any specific inquiries about menu, prices, special access or arrangements in advance. This will allow you to avoid disappointment and have some advance knowledge of the menu before you go to the restaurant. It might be important to you that the meal ends with port and a cheese selection. So, do not wait until the moment arrives only to find nothing of the sort is offered.
Montreal restaurant diners tend to find the pairing of wines with their food the most perplexing task when eating out. However, this part of dinner should prove simple armed with a bit of knowledge.
First you should remember that we are not all expected to be wine experts. La Goelette restaurant has waiters that understand the restaurants wine offerings and has a wine expert at your disposal. Make use of this wine expert. Experts love nothing more than to be asked for their advice and will usually provide it in spades, in a range of prices. If you have a particular price in mind you might point out an example on the wine list and ask if that seems like a good choice. The wait staff will immediately get your drift and find a selection in your range.

If you prefer to order on your own that is fine. Keep the following classical rules in mind: Dry white wines pair well with seafood and dry red wines are a standard accompaniment to meat dishes. Also, rich wines go with rich foods in either category and lighter wines pair best with lighter foods. So, for example, you are have ordered steak au poivre (steak with pepper sauce). You would want a rich red like a Cabernet Sauvignon. If you have Shrimp Newburg (a richly sauced seafood dish) you would want a Chardonnay. In the whites a Sauvignon Blanc would match a simple poached fish dish and in the reds a Merlot would suit a simple veal dish.

Finally, a few more simple rules will make you comfortable in Montreal restaurants. Order with authority and confidence. Hence, even if it is a shot in the dark, you may have made a serendipitous choice and your partners will applaud your savvy. On the other hand, if the choice is less than perfect, your guests might assume they have yet to have acquired your superior taste! Secondly, do not order the most expensive wines on the list or the cheapest. In a good restaurant, the wines will all have been selected with care. You can assume that most of them will be decent. Price is never an assurance of quality. Thirdly, avoid Burgundy wine because of the great variability in quality from year to year and from one winery to the next. Cabernet Sauvignons are fairly consistent in quality and the Bordeaux wines are good selections for a mature wine. American Pinot Noir is almost a foolproof choice.

Amongst the fortified and dessert wines you will find Vermouth, Sherry, Port, Marsala and Madeira. So, when would you order these. Vermouth on ice or blended with ice is most often an aperitif to go with an appetizer. A good selection here is Noilly Pratt. Sherry is an ideal wine for Tapas (Spanish), or any sort of appetizer. Sherry can also be served after dinner, like a Port, with cheese or just coffee. Port is classically served with Stilton cheese and walnuts at the end of a meal. Port is traditionally served with Stilton cheese. Stilton and other blue cheeses set up a counterpoint of complementary textures and flavors, but cheeses like Cheddar, Brie and Camembert are also good. In addition, walnuts, chestnuts, cashews, and hazelnuts help bring out the best in Port. Desserts based on strawberries, raspberries, cherries, currants or similarly full-flavored fruits, are a natural ally of Port. Marsala is a fortified Italian wine similar to Port and can be used in much the same way as can Madeira. Do not be afraid to experiment.
So you have wined and dined at Montreal best restaurant and now the bill arrives. How much should you tip. Quebec wait staff is taxed on their income from tips regardless of whether or not they actually receive them. Keeping that in mind, a regular tip is 15 percent of the bill before tax. Excellent or exceptional service can be tipped at 20 percent. A tip can be reduced by a few percentage points for a bill inflated by alcohol due to the fact that alcohol service does not represent a great deal of extra work for the wait staff. It is always unfair to avoid tipping or leaving just a token amount. If you are angry or upset with some aspect of the service you should speak to the owner. Never penalize wait staff for things that might have annoyed you but were not their fault.
Bon appetit and enjoy your meals in Montreal.
Limousines in Montreal Quebec Canada by Limousines Daniel Montreal 24 hours Limousine services inc.


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Laval Limousine graduation Laval Limo wedding Laval Limousine prom Laval Limo graduation bal Laval Limousine wedding Laval Limo mariage Laval Limousine graduation Laval Limo Prom Laval Limousine wedding Laval Laval Limo Laval laval Limousine Limousine graduation Laval Limo wedding anniversary Laval Limousine Laval Limo anniversary Laval Limousine Laval Limo Laval Limousine Laval Limo