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La Goelette Restaurant

8551 St Lawrence Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Reservations Montreal

(514) 388 - 8393

Intimate dinner, private dinner, business lunch, candlelight dinner, special celebration, proposal dinner,

Intimate Dinner

You have a proposal to make or a special event to celebrate in an intimate ambiance, one of our cozy corner will make this evening unforgettable.
Our experienced and knowledgeable personnel caters to the every need of our guests. Outgoing, smiling, welcoming, with a genuine desire to please, members of Restaurant La Goelette family have a service style that's unique and famous.

Your host: Mr. Peter at the bar

Reception Hall Wedding Restaurant La Goelette Montreal Reception Hall for Weddings

Reception Hall , seats 80

You have a reception to organize

La Goelette Restaurant offers the perfect location with complete personalized and professional service. Large choice of selective menus and drinks. Attractive decor. Dancing area.Easy free parking.



Montreal Restaurant La Goelette Reception Hall Wedding

Montreal Restaurant La Goelette Reception Hall Wedding

Montreal Reception Hall Wedding Restaurant La Goelette

Montreal Reception Hall Wedding Restaurant La Goelette

La Goelette Restaurant Reception Reception Hall for wedding

La Goelette Restaurant Reception Reception Hall for wedding

Montreal La Goelette Restaurant for business lunch

Montreal La Goelette Restaurant for business lunch

Montreal La Goelette Restaurant Reception

Montreal La Goelette Restaurant Reception


Montreal La Goelette Restaurant Wine Selection

Montreal La Goelette Restaurant Wine Selection

Your limousine service in Montreal

(514) 237 - 6868

White Sedan Mont Tremblant Wedding Limousine

Navigator Limousine 2009 interior

Lincoln Navigator 2009 Stretched Limo

Rolls Royce 1957 wedding car


St Godefroi Harbour East of Paspebiac on the Gaspe Peninsula Restaurant Aux Vents de la Mer

Fishing Trawler in the golf of St Lawrence River


Jason Aubry in St Godefroi Harbor east of Paspebiac, Quebec


From the Ocean to your plate.

Canada's best kept secret ----- Fish and Seafood Restaurant

Aux Vents de la Mer - St-Godefroi Harbor, Gaspesie

East of Paspebiac, Gaspesie

The choice of charterbus drivers - meeting planners - tourist guides

Open from May 27th to September 4th from 7 AM to 9 PM Wednesday to Sunday

Call Edith & reserve your table 418 752 7229 Fax 418 752 6031


photographer montreal wedding video mariage photographe de mariage
Photographe de mariage - Wedding photographer

Old Montreal Chinese Restaurant

Black corporate super stretch Limousine

Montreal black limo limousine montreal corporate limousine montreal blac wedding limousine quebec canada

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An officiant who performs a marriage or civil union acts as the officer of civil status responsible for receiving the free and enlightened consent of the intended spouses. The officiant ensures that all the formalities prescribed by law are observed. Any departure from the prescribed rules and formalities could affect the validity of the marriage or civil union

Wedding Ceremony and wedding contract

Consult your notary Me Gilles Dansereau: he leaves nothing to chance

Tel: 514 332 0802

Best place to buy Native Indian and Eskimo Arts and Crafs as well as Canadian Souvenirs in Montreal Montreal St Paul Street East Montreal QuebecCanada


Best place to buy Cuban Cigars in Montreal on Ste Catherine Street West Montreal Quebec Canada

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Cigars - Cigarillos - Cigar Cutters - Humidors - Lighters - Ashtrays - Cigar Cases - Cigar Tubes - Smoking Accessories



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Wedding Reception Transportation Service

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Montreal Oyster Restaurants



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Dining in Montreal Quebec Canada

Montreal has an international reputation for excellent dining in Montreal restaurants. You can find any restaurant you want and it's a great place to try a new restaurant! Montreal offers a restaurant for every budget and a restaurant every taste. Whether you favor Greek restaurants, Italian restaurants, Turkish restaurants, Iranian restaurants, French restaurants, Spanish restaurants, Mexican restaurants, Swiss restaurants, or German restaurants, to name a few restaurants, you will find it. In addition, you can eat well at any price, from the local diner restaurant specializing in smoked meat ( Schwartz ) to the upscale, fine eateries where feeling at home is always on the menu. Here are a few suggestions on everything from selecting your restaurant, ordering the wine, and deciding on the tip. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Beyond sampling and approving wine, asking for a description of a dish your uncertain of, asking for wine recommendations, knowing to work from the outside in with cutlery or tipping 15-20 percent there are little nuances to dining out in Montreal restaurants that can make an important occasion or meeting go more smoothly and enjoyably.

Always make reservations when going out to dine in Montreal restaurants, to name the number in your party and make any specific inquiries about menu, prices, special access or arrangements in advance. This will allow you to avoid disappointment and have some advance knowledge of the menu before you go to the restaurant. It might be important to you that the meal ends with port and a cheese selection. So, do not wait until the moment arrives only to find nothing of the sort is offered.
Montreal restaurant diners tend to find the pairing of wines with their food the most perplexing task when eating out. However, this part of dinner should prove simple armed with a bit of knowledge.
First you should remember that we are not all expected to be wine experts. La Goelette restaurant has waiters that understand the restaurants wine offerings and has a wine expert at your disposal. Make use of this wine expert. Experts love nothing more than to be asked for their advice and will usually provide it in spades, in a range of prices. If you have a particular price in mind you might point out an example on the wine list and ask if that seems like a good choice. The wait staff will immediately get your drift and find a selection in your range.

If you prefer to order on your own that is fine. Keep the following classical rules in mind: Dry white wines pair well with seafood and dry red wines are a standard accompaniment to meat dishes. Also, rich wines go with rich foods in either category and lighter wines pair best with lighter foods. So, for example, you are have ordered steak au poivre (steak with pepper sauce). You would want a rich red like a Cabernet Sauvignon. If you have Shrimp Newburg (a richly sauced seafood dish) you would want a Chardonnay. In the whites a Sauvignon Blanc would match a simple poached fish dish and in the reds a Merlot would suit a simple veal dish.

Finally, a few more simple rules will make you comfortable in Montreal restaurants. Order with authority and confidence. Hence, even if it is a shot in the dark, you may have made a serendipitous choice and your partners will applaud your savvy. On the other hand, if the choice is less than perfect, your guests might assume they have yet to have acquired your superior taste! Secondly, do not order the most expensive wines on the list or the cheapest. In a good restaurant, the wines will all have been selected with care. You can assume that most of them will be decent. Price is never an assurance of quality. Thirdly, avoid Burgundy wine because of the great variability in quality from year to year and from one winery to the next. Cabernet Sauvignons are fairly consistent in quality and the Bordeaux wines are good selections for a mature wine. American Pinot Noir is almost a foolproof choice.

Amongst the fortified and dessert wines you will find Vermouth, Sherry, Port, Marsala and Madeira. So, when would you order these. Vermouth on ice or blended with ice is most often an aperitif to go with an appetizer. A good selection here is Noilly Pratt. Sherry is an ideal wine for Tapas (Spanish), or any sort of appetizer. Sherry can also be served after dinner, like a Port, with cheese or just coffee. Port is classically served with Stilton cheese and walnuts at the end of a meal. Port is traditionally served with Stilton cheese. Stilton and other blue cheeses set up a counterpoint of complementary textures and flavors, but cheeses like Cheddar, Brie and Camembert are also good. In addition, walnuts, chestnuts, cashews, and hazelnuts help bring out the best in Port. Desserts based on strawberries, raspberries, cherries, currants or similarly full-flavored fruits, are a natural ally of Port. Marsala is a fortified Italian wine similar to Port and can be used in much the same way as can Madeira. Do not be afraid to experiment.
So you have wined and dined at Montreal best restaurant and now the bill arrives. How much should you tip. Quebec wait staff is taxed on their income from tips regardless of whether or not they actually receive them. Keeping that in mind, a regular tip is 15 percent of the bill before tax. Excellent or exceptional service can be tipped at 20 percent. A tip can be reduced by a few percentage points for a bill inflated by alcohol due to the fact that alcohol service does not represent a great deal of extra work for the wait staff. It is always unfair to avoid tipping or leaving just a token amount. If you are angry or upset with some aspect of the service you should speak to the owner. Never penalize wait staff for things that might have annoyed you but were not their fault.
Bon appetit and enjoy your meals in Montreal.

Friendly Montreal

Symphony, ballet, opera, drama, art galleries,museums, and summer concerts and festivals are all part of Montreal's and Quebec's diversified cultural tradition. With such an impressive array of cultural facilities and shows to choose from, your main problem may be deciding which one to go to.MONTREAL SENIOR LIMOUSINE MONTREAL SENIOR LIMOUSINES
In addition to the city's "Just for Laughs" comedy festival, International Jazz Festival, World Film Festival and Les Francofolies French-language festival of song, major events take place as well. Every year Montreal organizes mega-events which attract huge crowds of visitors and local residents alike. The "Wet and Wild" event in spring, and the "Black and Blue" festival in fall regularly draw some 40 000 participants. In the summer of 1997, the annual Divers-extravaganza attracted a crowd estimated at close to 500 000! Sports fans will find three major league teams in Montreal: our famous hockey team, the Canadians; the Montreal Expos baseball club ; and, our own Canadian professional football team, the Alouettes. These teams utilize comfortable, modern facilities and ticket prices are affordable. The Montreal equivalent of Disney Land would be La Ronde a member of Six Flags Theme Parks.

Quebecers including seniors love to celebrate, and the many special events for seniors families and the general public hold in the city each year are a proof of that. At the end of January, the most famous Winter Carnival in the world is a rendez-vous for locals, international visitors and seniors. In March, Quebec City offers its unique celebration Winter Festival or carnival: a celebration of winter activities in the area. Summer comes with its festivals such as International Jazz and Blues Nights, du Maurier Montreal Fireworks, Québec Summer Festival, Loto-Quebec Fireworks Competition, New France Days, Expo Quebec and in September, la Fête Arc-en-Ciel de Quebec. A magnet for world travelers and one of the world's most exciting metropolises, few cities can compare with Montreal. Founded early in the 16th century and dubbed Mount Royal by French explorer Jacques Cartier, Montreal is modern, cosmopolitan and alive with culture. The city abounds in buildings which reflect a rich architectural heritage, particularly in the fascinating and historic Old Montreal and Old Port areas. The city's Olympic facilities, casino, high-rise central business core, 30 kilometer underground city and four university campuses attest to the economic vitality of Montreal. The combination of these features appeals to visitors worldwide and has helped to make this largely French-speaking metropolis a major player on the international scene. Montreal is located on the island of the same name in the St. Lawrence River. At the crossroads of French, English and a myriad of other cultures, Montreal owes its unique character to history.. and Montrealers have made their city a warm, welcoming destination. An efficient public transit system is available for travel within the city. The metro (subway) stations for the Village are Berri-UQAM, Beaudry and Papineau on the green line. City buses, commuter trains and the metro can be combined for easy access at very reasonable rates There are four metro lines in the Greater Montreal network (green, orange, yellow and blue), with a total of 70 stations found mainly on the Island of Montreal. Trains run approximately every five to seven minutes, and make reaching the most popular tourist venues easy and convenient. St. Joseph's Oratory, the Botanical Gardens, the Biodom, Old Montreal, The Montreal Casino, theatres, cinemas and concert halls are just minutes from the Village. Free metro maps are available at any metro booth or ticket counter. Metro service operates daily beginning at approximately 5:30 am and continuing until approximately 1:00 am. Be certain to check schedules for exact times. Most activities in Montreal take place in the Village. The Village covers an area extending from St. Denis Street in the west to Papineau Avenue in the east, and is bordered by Sherbrooke Street to the north and René-Lévesque Boulevard to the south. Nightlife in the Village is vibrant and captivating! Indeed much of the excitement is fueled by the cluster of nightclubs spread out along Ste-Catherine Street East in the quarter between Berri-UQAM and Papineau métro stations. Visitors will also find a large selection of restaurants, cafes, hotels, art galleries, theatres, bars, saunas, retailers and other businesses in this area of Montreal. You'll find everything you need to make your stay in Montreal most pleasant.
Casino de Montreal is located on man-made Ile Notre-Dame, ( Limousine reservations are recommended) one of several islands set midstream in the St. Lawrence just opposite downtown next to the Old Port.

The island was built to host the 1967 World Exposition, Expo 67, and has since grown into one of Montreal's largest attractions. Close by the Casino are well known La Ronde Amusement Park, the Biosphere, and the David M. Stewart Museum of colonial history. Casino de Montreal can be reached by Limousine (Île Ste-Hélène station on the yellow line from Berri-UQAM station, or city bus no 167), or by car via De La Concorde bridge off the Bonaventure Expressway, Autoroute 10. Visitors to the islands will also find the Gilles Villeneuve racetrack, (which can be accessed by Limousines) the Floralies gardens, and the famed Hélène de Champlain restaurant. Plan your time well and let Montreal keep you entertained 24 hours a day!

Montreal Restaurant Montreal Restaurant Restaurant Montreal restaurant montreal reception hall montreal reception hall montreal reception hall MONTREAL STEAK STEAK HOUSE MONTREAL STEAK HOUSE MONTREAL SEA FOOD MOTREAL SEA FOOD SEA FOOD

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